What’s Happening – Articles about women’s writing and gender issues


Image courtesy of jscreationzs at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

There’s always so much to keep up with in this world, so we added a few of the stories we’ve been reading lately about women’s writing and gender issues, to try to help you stay in touch with some of the information and yarns from across the world.

And remember, we always love to hear from you Guys and Gals about what you’re reading, especially on Aussie female fiction.

Yes, Patriarchy Is Dead; the Feminists Prove It

Men still hold power, says Germaine Greer at Wellington Literary Festival

Could Tony Abbott be more conservative than the Pope?

Colleen McCullough’s new book Bittersweet a summary of outspoken novelist’s eventful 76 years

Ladies-only travel adventures taking off

Women: want to become a writer, artist or academic? Don’t bother

Is Dave Eggers’ New Novel a Ripoff of a Female Writer’s Work?

No Women Writers On My Syllabus, Professor Says

Is the women’s vote a false concept?

Hillary Clinton Plans Global Review of Women’s Rights

Funny, crafty women make a serious point about our expectations of art

Three tips for talking about gender equality in a social setting


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