1. So I have to be male?

    Male, or male-identifying, to post reviews as we are trying to prove, mostly to other men, that men do read. We feel the perception that men do not read because it is not what a “real man” does is one we need to change. Ditto any inherent idea that what women write about is somehow not relevant to men in any way.

  2. I am female. Can I still participate? 

    Yes, you can. You can contribute articles and op-e pieces on Australian female authors or men reading. This will help have more women writing literary editorial pieces.

  3. How often do I have to post? 

    The frequency is up to you so if it is weekly/fortnightly/monthly, we do not mind so long as it is regular. And you know not daily because you might break wordpress and not yearly because that’s too long.

  4. Why just Australian female fiction authors?

    Because we may go mad otherwise. We need to ensure people can find stuff on here so we are starting small and then scaling up once we have enough interest.

  5. I am male but not Australian – can I still participate?

    Location is not a problem just so long as the authors you read are Australian.

  6. Where can I find authors/titles?

    One good source would be the Australian Women Writers Challenge. Others include the sites we have listed in the links section. Have a browse.

  7. What if I want to review a book someone else has already reviewed?

    Go for it if you have something significantly different to say to the first review. If not, start a discussion in the comments. The more the merrier but we’d like a limit of three reviews per title.

  8. How do I find reviews on this site? 

    By checking the categories, checking the tags or just running a search or checking what each contributor has read.

  9.  Can I cross-post my reviews from Goodreads/my website/challenge?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to look at this as killing two birds with one stone especially if you are also signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge or any other reading challenge. They MUST be your reviews.

  10. Aren’t you being a bit sexist? 

    We don’t think so. If Australian female authors aren’t being reviewed as much as male authors are and if male readers tend to read mostly male authors then we feel we must get more men to read more Australian female authors. By making them review them and show other men that there is no problem with reading or reading female authors.

    We want women to contribute as well but articles and editorial pieces. We don’t intend to offend.

  11. Who runs this site?

    Two people do. The original post that kicked up all this fuss and the idea came from Rob Kennedy. The person who got super excited about it and is the default geek goddess for it is Marisa Wikramanayake. Both are writers.


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